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How Voice Messages Saved My Long Distance Friendship

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I cannot remember who sent out the very first voice message. I believe it was her.

I make certain I believed, this is strange, I’m simply paying attention to her voice play aloud like a voicemail. It was most likely something unimportant, our voice messages frequently are, and perhaps I responded by text then one day was feeling lazy or running late and I pushed record.

However it began, it has actually been 4 years because we left high school and went our different methods to different colleges and different lives, and we voice message almost every day. About Everything.

If my pet does something amusing, she understands it.

If she fidgets prior to a very first date, I become aware of it.

If I’m waiting someplace feeling uncomfortable, she’ll hear me talk at length about how uncomfortable I feel.

If something pisses us off, the other will hear a 12 minute tirade. Followed by text: Don’ t pay attention to that, I’m really over it now:-RRB-

H ow To Voice Message: you hold down the voice record button on Facebook Messenger orWhatsapp Keep it held till you’re done speaking then launch it and your voice message appears in the chat.

Did you see the post that went viral about the apart buddies who made a PowerPoint discussion to upgrade each other on their lives? We have actually no requirement for that since thanks to voice messages we’re constantly approximately date with each other’s lives.

WhyVoice Messages Are Magical

You can send out and pay attention to them At Any Time YOU LIKE.

Okay, why we actually like sending out voice messages is most likely the exact same reason good friends fall out of contact. We live hectic lives. I remained in college studying to be a reporter and she was studying to be a nurse. We both had tasks and commutes to withstand. She remained in college 4 hours away and would get back from college perhaps as soon as a month, perhaps not. We most likely see each other personally as soon as a month or every 2 months. Despite this we are still buddies.

I do not imply buddies in a loose, caring method.

I imply she’s the individual I can speak to about definitely anything, she understands my history and routines almost much better than myself, we share a sense of humour and we understand we’ll constantly be there for each other. (Sorry this simply got incredibly mushy)

I can leave her a 5 minute voice message explaining why my brand-new pet is really the very best pet in the entire broad world and she does not inform me to stop talking.

Bottom line if we didn’t have voice messages we would most likely have actually fallen out of touch a little.

Unlike telephone call, the individual can pay attention to all your news the following early morning on their early morning commute when you’re still asleep in bed. Then they respond and you can pay attention to these messages when you stroll your pet at night.

Or you can pay attention to them the following day when you’re tired in your space. Or whenever and anywhere you like at all, that is the benefit of voice messaging.

The genuine charm of it is that if you have to inform your pal everything about your date or how stressed out you are right now, however she’s stuck in lectures or at work throughout the day, then you still can.

We might constantly text.

BUT there’s something so interesting about really hearing someone inform an amusing story or offer you suggestions that you simply cannot check out.

I resided in Barcelona for 6 months in 2015 just understanding a handful of individuals and while it was incredible it might likewise get exceptionally lonesome. Although she likewise came out to visit me two times, my pal’s messages assisted me a lot. They assisted when I was strolling to college or getting the city alone or pushing my bed feeling a little lost, it seemed like my buddy was best next to me talking away.

Sometimes we do not pay attention to the messages for an excellent couple of days if we’re hectic and in some cases not.

It does not matter.

My 5 minute tirade about how my pet is the most intelligent pet on the planet since she found out ways to open a door, can wait till we fulfill personally.

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