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She’s My Motivation

Photo by Erik Lucatero on UnsplashAbout a year ago, I met a girl at the gym.“How did we meet?”, you may be wondering.Did we accidentally bump into each other? Did I make a cheesy comment about an exercise she was doing? Did we know a mutual…

Imagining Sex Redistribution

Would this resemble a type of tax, or a type of cumulative ownership?At the start of May 2018, Ross Douthat’s op-ed in the New York Times asked whether we should think about a redistributive policy towards sex. So-- let's check out that in…

Litt for Life

Why I Will Never Change My Last Name for My Partner (Again)Even today, it is still thought about non-traditional to keep your first name after marital relationship.Many females are beginning to hyphenate or keep their birth surname,…

Other People Don’ t Belong To Us

And we do not have firm over somebody's love“This moment” does not indicate permanentlyWe have the tendency to connect ourselves to people.On the one hand, relationships and human connection belong to exactly what makes life so terrific.…

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