“I simply need to be blissful.”

What number of books, programs, and seminars have been held yearly with the last word goal being that can assist you develop into happier and extra fulfilled?

After all, we might speak about discovering our objective, dwelling within the current second, discovering our core values, and even practising gratitude day-after-day in an try and develop into happier. These methods are extraordinarily useful and useful however I’ve all the time left with the identical query —

What if implementing these mindset methods isn’t sufficient?

What if there’s a way more foundational challenge beginning in our mind? Your mind is the home your thoughts lives and points within the mind manifest themselves with signs in our temper, emotions, ideas, and even behaviors.

With regards to happiness and your mind, we are able to’t go any additional with out speaking about Serotonin.

Serotonin is your “Blissful Neurotransmitter,” permitting you to really feel blissful, calm, and fulfilled. Neurotransmitters are what your mind makes use of to speak from mind cell to mind cell. With out the right ranges of neurotransmitters, our mind is attempting to function with restricted sources.

Think about attempting to work on a undertaking that requires 20 folks on a group, however as an alternative, you’re given a group of 10. Do you assume the undertaking will likely be achieved on time and that will probably be achieved properly?

In all probability not.

The mind isn’t any totally different. If we have now low ranges of our blissful neurotransmitter, Serotonin, it makes it more difficult for our mind to really feel blissful. Low ranges of serotonin are seen circumstances of melancholy and the decrease the degrees of serotonin, the extra extreme the melancholy might get. [R]

Completely different medicines particularly designed to deal with melancholy, like SSRIs, really work by growing ranges of serotonin within the mind. The one concern is that there are some doubtlessly critical uncomfortable side effects.

So this begs the query…

Can we hack our personal happiness, or at the very least improve our probability of reaching happiness, by growing our ranges of serotonin naturally?

Listed below are the highest four methods to naturally improve your Blissful Chemical compounds!


The most important killer of your serotonin is STRESS. When your physique is chronically careworn from work, junk meals, emotional stress, relationships, funds, and common life, it releases a hormone referred to as cortisol.

Cortisol is an incredible hormone that helps our physique adapt to emphasize after we want it most like when your mountaineering and a mountain lion comes out of nowhere searching for a meal.

The issue is that cortisol is nice for a short-term response however was by no means meant to be a long-term resolution.

Many people are below fixed stress from work, relationships, know-how, sitting for eight hours a day at work, and consuming meals that isn’t good for us. This causes our our bodies to continually be producing cortisol on a regular basis.

Over time cortisol begins to decrease our serotonin ranges, which might make us really feel extra sad, anxious, and fewer calm. [R]

So naturally, with the intention to be certain that, we maintain our serotonin ranges as excessive as potential, we have to assist our physique higher adapt to the stress we could also be below. We’d like to ensure we’re understanding, having enjoyable, taking time for self-care, and even meditating to assist our physique deal with stress which may be unavoidable.


Serotonin is produced from an amino acid referred to as tryptophan, which is present in wealthy protein sources like meat, cheese, and eggs. A logical conclusion is that we might improve our ranges of tryptophan and due to this fact improve our serotonin ranges.

There are two principal issues with this:

  1. A majority of tryptophan that enters the physique (90%+) doesn’t really flip into serotonin. Most of it will get used for different functions within the physique, a few of which create some dangerous by-products for our mind.
  2. Tryptophan must get into the mind for it to develop into serotonin. Tryptophan has a very arduous time doing that and desires extra assist to get out of your blood to your mind.

So growing our tryptophan consumption isn’t an important or environment friendly possibility, however there’s one other tactic we are able to take.

Earlier than tryptophan turns into serotonin it will get transformed in 5-HTP. 5-HTP can get from the blood to the mind with little hassle in any respect.

Supplementing 5-HTP isn’t as versatile within the physique as tryptophan, however it’s a very tactical and environment friendly means of accelerating your ranges of serotonin if that’s your principal goal.


Analysis has proven that variations of the seasons produce modifications in our serotonin as properly. Throughout winter when most individuals are indoor and lack daylight for lengthy durations of time, researchers have observed decreases in serotonin ranges that correspond to the quantity of daylight we get. [R]

So getting extra pure daylight could be a useful option to improve your serotonin. All it takes is a 20-minute stroll within the pure daylight. Take your calls when you stroll exterior if potential. Take a break exterior. Do no matter you may to get extra pure daylight and it might do wonders on your “blissful chemical compounds.”


Therapeutic massage remedy is extraordinarily efficient at serving to the physique adapt higher to emphasize .One examine, particularly, confirmed that getting a therapeutic massage does greater than “rub sore shoulders.” It seems that therapeutic massage remedy can have an effect on your mind chemistry.

On this examine, they found that therapeutic massage remedy decreased cortisol by 31% and elevated serotonin by 28%, in addition to growing dopamine, your motivation neurotransmitter, by 31%.

Make common “dates” on your personal self-care and get a therapeutic massage. You’ll end up a lot happier, much less careworn, and in the long term way more productive due to it.


By no means underestimate the facility of an important exercise. It seems that exercising can have some superb advantages on your mind and your blissful hormones.

Actions like yoga and cardio train like operating, swimming, or mountaineering appear to have the utmost advantages of elevating serotonin within the mind. Significantly one studied confirmed that most advantages of train occurred when the individuals labored out till they couldn’t any extra. [R]

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