The place do you place 250,000 additional folks?

That’s precisely what’s taking place on the Wintry weather Olympics.

PyeongChang is a county of 44,000 folks, situated within the Taebaek Mountains and made up of a couple of small mountain hotel cities.

You’ll be able to consider what occurs to a space that dimension when 50,000 athletes, training personnel, IOC personnel and media, 50,000 organizing committee workers, 100,000 spectators, and 14,647 volunteers pull into the city.

Volunteers coated as much as undergo safety screening

Call to mind the results.

At the beginning: there aren’t sufficient beds.

So it’s time to prioritize. Athletes, their training and reinforce personnel, IOC personnel, organizing committee personnel, and press get first dibs. Then spectators, in the event that they need to pay the ones costs. After which in the end volunteers.

So the volunteers get unfold out — all around the northeastern a part of South Korea.

We get housed in hostels, inns, inns, mountain hotels, cabins, and college dormitories.

600 people have been assigned to stick at Sangji College in Wonju, South Korea. We’re about at 70-minute pressure from the Olympic Sliding Centre.

As volunteer lodging move, we’re in reality somewhat fortunate. The Pyeongchang Olympic Committee treats us neatly. I listen from the veteran volunteers who additionally served on the Rio Olympics that neither housing nor transportation have been equipped.

We get housing, 3 foods an afternoon whether or not we paintings a shift or no longer, and transportation to and from our assignments.

So it’s again to dorm lifestyles.

That’s a bit of of a surprise to the device whilst you’re 54.

Seems you’ll alter to anything else.

I’ve a mattress (somewhat than sound asleep on a mat at the ground like some volunteers are doing), a table, a small closet, a laundry rack over my head and a unmarried electric socket.

Our dorm wing has a shared toilet and one washing machine and dryer.

We consume on the college cafeteria.

My roommate is a full of life 60-year-old Korean guy with a hearty snicker and a penchant for locating pleasure.

My dorm wing is full of Korean college scholars, a bunch of fellows from a Chinese language provider membership, a few older Korean males, and me.

I discovered a condom packet in my table. (Yep, it’s a faculty dorm.)

However we have now a heat, relaxed position to stick, the meals is tasty, and the trip buses are beautiful great.

We squeezed into the group room to look at the Opening Ceremonies on TV, since we weren’t fortunate sufficient to attain tickets. And we had a blast in combination cheering at the international tournament that we’re serving to to make occur.

Seems you can alter to anything else whilst you put your thoughts to it and move with the float.

However I simply want I have been adjusting to it with my spouse alongside for the journey.

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