The primary Trump binding ritual, February 24th, 2017

Twelve months in the past this month, in the dark on February 24th, 2017, about thirty of my buddies and I accrued round a bonfire in a yard in Baltimore Town to forged a binding spell on Donald Trump and all those that abet him. It used to be the fruits of an awfully surreal week of intense world press protection, nonstop telephone and e mail interviews, all accompanied through my rising sense that I had no longer simply written a funny spell that had long gone viral, however had unknowingly assisted within the beginning of one thing a ways larger.

After I first posted the textual content of the spell right here on Medium, I believed it could generate minor passion within the innovative pagan and magical communities, and possibly some appreciative chuckles from my community of artists and activists. As an alternative, with a viral rapacity that might no longer have existed prior to social networks, it exploded exponentially and was a singular, swiftly rising social motion underneath the umbrella hashtag #MagicResistance.

One thing had emerged from our shattered collective psyche as we comprehended the enormity of the unspooling Trumpian dystopia — a deep and in style need to make use of our non secular power as an act of resistance.

Poster through Kitty Lemiew

Each waning crescent moon since that February night, other folks around the globe have accrued at a minute prior to nighttime (US Jap Time) to center of attention their awareness in a ritualistic effort to bind Donald Trump and his kakistocratic cohorts from doing hurt. Some acquire in teams, however maximum do the ritual on my own or with an important different. In a while, many of those witches, magicians, artists, and activists acquire on Fb and different social media to proportion pictures in their altars (a lot of which can be stunning artistic endeavors in their very own proper) in addition to their their feelings, visions, and studies. For almost all, the spell is releasing and energizing, a reclaiming of private energy and an confirmation in their deeply held values within the face of the firehose of negativity from the White Area, the GOP, and the 24/7 “information.”

Some distance from being ineffectual “slacktivism,” the ritual (and others advanced through members) is helping many people keep targeted, dedicated, and invigorated for our on a regular basis activism and resistance. It has turn out to be a non secular balm and a per month reminder of our committment to combating injustice and the the continuing dismantling of our liberal democracy.

And despite the fact that the time period #MagicResistance is new, ritual and magical acts aimed toward oppressive powers and tyrants date again to antiquity, as will probably be described in my upcoming e-book, Magic for the Resistance: Rituals and Spells for Exchange (Llewellyn International, Fall 2018). From Greeks and Romans of the traditional global inscribing lead pills with binding spells in opposition to executive officers, Medieval peasants growing wax effigies of hated monarchs, enslaved Africans calling to the loas of their combat for freedom in Haiti, to British witches elevating a “cone of energy” to stop Hitler’s invasion in their hometown, magic has at all times been hired through the average other folks in opposition to their oppressors. One can debate its efficacy, after all, however its tactical enchantment is deep and undying.

From the start, it’s been transparent that the #MagicResistance is way larger than Donald Trump and his crooked cabal. Trump is simply the symptom, just like the eruption of a pus-filled boil, of currents that experience at all times flowed underneath the skinny veneer of social growth—racism, militarism, materialism, misogyny, patriarchy, homophobia, xenophobia, and a bunch of alternative -isms and -phobias exemplifying the anti-evolutionary diseases of our species.

Donald Trump is each boss who leers at his assistant’s breasts, each bully screaming “faggot” at a crying child within the locker room, each financial institution supervisor redlining an African-American circle of relatives attempting to shop for a house, each bigot telling a Guatemalan immigrant to “talk American or return to the place you got here from,” each Wall Side road dealer ignoring the pleading eyes of a homeless veteran, each healthcare bean counter rejecting the declare for a unwell kid, each pharma govt jacking up the price of most cancers medication, each man in a pickup truck “rolling coal” as he passes a Prius, and each pedophile barging right into a dressing room complete of younger girls “as a result of he can.”

Our resistance is larger than Trump, and can nonetheless be required when he’s relegated to the rubbish heap of failed tyrants. Authoritarianism, white supremacy, and xenophobia have been globally resurgent prior to Trump ran for place of business. The richest of the wealthy stay taking extra from everybody else, and the deficient stay sinking additional into distress. Accelerating local weather exchange threatens each individual, and each dwelling creature, on our planet.

The hope of a protected and livable global lies with disciplined nonconformists who’re devoted to justice, peace and brotherhood.

— Martin Luther King, Jr.

Our crises are of the spirit, and require non secular answers.

So this night, I’ll stand prior to my altar, on my own, however understanding 1000’s of others are pronouncing the similar phrases, in unison, round our stunning, fragile planet, dedicating themselves to the lengthy, laborious, however crucial combat prior to us.

As we are saying in combination:

Within the title of all who stroll
Move slowly, swim, or fly
Of the entire bushes, the forests,
Streams, deserts,
Rivers and seas
Within the title of Justice
And Liberty
And Love
And Equality
And Peace

So mote it’s.

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