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You Aren’t Patient Enough — That’s Why You’re Unhappy

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This Time Is Going To Pass No Matter What

I interviewed Dorie Clark a few months ago and she told me that she always hears bellyaching from people when she tells them they need to work 4 straight years to see any results from blogging.

She said, “They don’t realize that that time is going to pass no matter what!”

Yes, we need to pay bills and our lifespans don’t exactly go on forever and it’s hard to give up years of our life to something that may or may not pay off..

But make no mistake that it’s not paying off almost solely because of time, not because of your competence as a creator.

I need to learn things like SEO, how to create better videos, etc. etc.

If I keep working 40–50 hour weeks creating content, you can’t tell me that I WOULDN’T be much better at SEO or creating videos after 52 straight weeks of 40–50 hour sets honing my craft.

But I want it now.

Nothing steals joy faster than expectations, let me tell you.

So I’m going to learn to be patient. I’m going to enjoy my time and trust that proficiency will come later.

It’s okay to not be amazing yet.

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