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Time As We Know It

We’ve been taught that time is “common sense” and chronological, clicking in micro items of seconds, minutes, hours that add as much as macro-units of days, weeks, months, years, many years, centuries, millennia. We punch out and in on the…

The Power of Paradox

Ways To Believe Various There are practically 8 billion individuals on this world. 8. Billion. To provide you a concept of simply how extraordinary it is to have this lots of people alive at the exact same time, have a look at this: And,…

The Challenge of Doing Hard Things

This story is slightly exaggerated, though not by much. The girl, a high school sophomore in summer school, never made it to the sharpener before she told me that sharpening a pencil was “too much work” and forever changed my worldview…

The Ultimate Life Hack? A Dark, Quiet Room

Turn all of it off, even for 10 minutes. You'll be surprised by the outcomes."Anything in my life that I would advise to somebody else simply to make their life much better? An underrated thing that you can do that nobody does any longer:…

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