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How Should We Talk to Alexa Around Our Kid?

Two new parents try to figure out whether it’s okay to yell at Alexa in front of their childMy wife and I recently had our first child, a happy and healthy daughter who just turned 1 month old. We’ve also had an Amazon Echo sitting on our…

Artificial Emotions

How long until a robot cries?By Neil SavageWhen Angelica Lim bakes macaroons, she has her own kitchen helper, Naoki. Her assistant is only good at the repetitive tasks, like sifting flour, but he makes the job more fun. Naoki is very cute,…

Inside the Binge Factory

Netflix is hiring everybody in and out of Hollywood to make more TV shows than any network ever has, and it already knows which ones you’ll likeBy Josef Adalian“What do you think about gas in the tank for the long term?” asks Cindy Holland,…

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