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The Challenge of Doing Hard Things

This story is slightly exaggerated, though not by much. The girl, a high school sophomore in summer school, never made it to the sharpener before she told me that sharpening a pencil was “too much work” and forever changed my worldview…

How every decision you make is wrong

And why your company can still succeed because of itOriginally published on JOTFORM.COM“This is never going to be right.”As the words came out of my mouth, I regretted them almost instantly.My vehement tone was biting, and the silent room…

You Need More Than One Goal.

Start Making Better Goals, and More of Them.All too often I hear people talking about their — GOAL — as in singular. While I am over here spouting out my Goals. There is a definite reason some of my scheduled To Do Lists can make a “normal”…

Get a hobby.

After spending the entire weekend at a swing dancing event — a new hobby I’ve been practicing pretty much every week since last November following what can only be described as a quarter-life crisis — I collapsed into bed at around 1am on…

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