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The Fifth Revolution

I want to tell you a story about the future of human progress. By way of a little examination of its past. Of a series of revolutions — hidden ones — spanning centuries. Which answer the question: “Where are we going, in these troubled and…

How America Stopped Thinking

Or, Why America’s Way of Thinking Doesn’t Matter to the World, to Itself, or to the Future AnymoreHere’s a tiny observation. American thought doesn’t matter anymore.The ideas American intellectuals produce don’t matter — they haven’t lifted…

(How) Fascism Makes Fools of Us All

In the end, if we let it, the fascists make fools of us all. It’s a strange and gruesome riddle. Can it be solved — can we stop it? First, let me illustrate it a little.The leftist looks around bewildered, after the ruin of a nation, and…

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