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This is the Meaning of Life

I have realized that the only way to fully change anything in this world is through love.With love, all things are possible. I’m not talking about just the romantic love you feel for a partner, or the love I feel for my own boyfriend. I’m…

The Line Between Unhappiness and Depression

And How I Learned All About ItPhoto by Alex Iby on UnsplashMy parents got divorced when I was two. I never remember them together. I look at the photos, but it doesn’t even look right to me. Because I never saw them together.When I was ten,…

Drawing a line in the sand.

When it comes to work, you need to draw a line in the sand.You need to have the courage to say, you can have this, this and this but you can’t under any circumstances have anything behind this line.The individual that doesn’t know when…

How every decision you make is wrong

And why your company can still succeed because of itOriginally published on JOTFORM.COM“This is never going to be right.”As the words came out of my mouth, I regretted them almost instantly.My vehement tone was biting, and the silent room…

Of Visionaries And Charlatans

Daily Blog #67There is a wall, in a startup space I’ve frequented, with a quote written on it. The words of a man named Napoleon Hill, and startup founders walk past it and take on its wisdom, every day. Just a few short words, to carry and…

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