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This is the Meaning of Life

I have realized that the only way to fully change anything in this world is through love.With love, all things are possible. I’m not talking about just the romantic love you feel for a partner, or the love I feel for my own boyfriend. I’m…

The Line Between Unhappiness and Depression

And How I Learned All About ItPhoto by Alex Iby on UnsplashMy parents got divorced when I was two. I never remember them together. I look at the photos, but it doesn’t even look right to me. Because I never saw them together.When I was ten,…

The curious case of Typhoid Mary

A look into the medical oddity of Mary “Typhoid” Mallon.Typhoid Mary cooking with skulls.The current state of medical science luckily leaves little unexplained compared to the limited understanding of disease, bacteria and infection that…

The Right Amount Of Thinking

Perspective is everythingI’m not sure what I think about kids, but periodically I ask my partner how he feels. Most times he says he “could go either way,” but last time I asked, he answered, “sure, I want kids — but like, when I’m 45.”My…

We’re Practically Engaged

Yeah, I think it’ll happen any day now.come to me, my pretty…From the time we met, I knew he was the one. How’d we meet? Wait, you haven’t heard the story? It’s pretty classic. I stepped onto the train. He was standing directly across from…

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