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The Secret to Online Dating

Tap. Tap. Tap." Okay, got my e-mail address, now, click start." Brooke waited on a brand-new website to load, then she key in more of her individual info. "Okay, age? Well, I'm twenty-seven, however I'll compose twenty-one. Nobody…

The Woman from Gotha

An eliminated and keep homage to Dada artist Hannah Höch' Achtung! The ladies are failing-- their beautiful stockings will be mortally singed, exactly what a disaster. The offender is most likely that englischer gentleman-- stubby stogie…

E3 2018: Female Leads in Games

Response to women as main characters has been mixedMetroid’s Samus Aran broke traditions as far back as 1987, so what explains the current debate?This year’s E3 revealed the next installments of several game series. It also revealed a…

Love In a Time of True Crime

Last October, I married a Swede. The wedding, which took place the day after the New York Times broke the first Harvey Weinstein assault story, was a Viking whirlwind in a posh Icelandic Airbnb whose claim to fame is that the Biebs once…

An Anthropology of Moral Masculinity

II. Growing upOut of the three aspects pointed above, I think it is the nature of the maturity point/process that’s most salient to whether resulting masculinity is healthy or toxic.Consider two cases in which masculinity goes right. In…

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