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Time As We Know It

We’ve been taught that time is “common sense” and chronological, clicking in micro items of seconds, minutes, hours that add as much as macro-units of days, weeks, months, years, many years, centuries, millennia. We punch out and in on the…

The Nine-Month Band

As a fourteen years of age in 1991, had I had adequate loan (I didn't) or access to a library or liberal record shop (I often did) I might have dedicated my time to paying attention to the canon of rock music as it stood in1991 And if I…

My #MeToo, One Yr Later

On October 5, 2017, the New York Occasions printed a chunk detailing the allegations of scores of girls in opposition to Harvey Weinstein, accusing him of many years of sexual abuse. By the top of the month, the #MeToo hashtag took over…

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