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What Is Loitering, Really?

America’s laws against lingering have roots in Medieval and Elizabethan England. Since 1342, the goal has always been to keep anyone “out of place” away.By Ariel Aberg-RigerEditor’s note: A series of racially charged incidents of…

Time’s Up, Bill

Is Bill Clinton the only one who doesn’t realize he needs to join the #MeToo reckoning?By Rebecca TraisterBright and early Monday morning, Bill Clinton launched a book tour in support of a political thriller he wrote with the best-selling…

:-Bronies Before Cronies

A Modern Day Pride and PrejudiceBrony FashionBronyCon — the world’s largest convention for and by fans of the animated TV series My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic— was being held in Baltimore in 2013, and my 14-year-old, self-proclaimed…

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