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Time As We Know It

We’ve been taught that time is “common sense” and chronological, clicking in micro items of seconds, minutes, hours that add as much as macro-units of days, weeks, months, years, many years, centuries, millennia. We punch out and in on the…

The genuine state of Social Security

I: Intro The aging population and increasing expenses of living mean that retirement is ending up being increasingly more pricey. So pricey in truth, that the 2.8 trillion dollar trust fund will lack funds in the future if absolutely…

The centuries of gloom and doom

However if contemporary liberalism's aggressive program is its own worst opponent, conservatism's laziness is its issue. Choosing not to leave your convenience zone may make you better. It does not imply you need to do it. Slavery and…

Food Forest Land Remediation

Massive Farming in the middle of the 3 Sis Mountains in Central Oregon If you drive through the stretching desert land of main and southern Oregon you will discover a myriad of bigger scale farms and cattle ranches taking in the majority…

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