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Planck’s Plaint

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light journeys so quick that it does not take a trip at all

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simply rewiring the hard-wired head of existing

( in an irreconcilable method)

heavy as gravity

peaceful as louse

and hell

well you understand

no single thing can ever take place at the specific very same time as another thing


we can never ever get close (as relative as close is) to an atom’s heaviness

even in the wink of the most irreducibly tiniest noticeable particle

nor can we understand the concept of a beyond that’s bigger than all understood big

shit beloved

from the occasion horizon to the singularity of being

a shape of nature’s vacuum

carrying out a regular evacuation of whatever you have actually ever understood

simply think about it

a projectile’s capability for selfhood is unsustainable

if the escape speed for joy takes place

when life’s simply a neutron star imagining unlimited density

or a 2,00 0-mile guy falling feet initially

squeezed like a tooth paste tube

whispering about the proliferation of light

( the climax is a non-event)

my dear inertia-bound being

keep in mind Newton never ever understood the worth of his own continuous

and obviously

alter lines in more than 3 measurements never ever satisfy

( although they’re not parallel)

I’ll inform ya

geodesics on a sphere are terrific circles

and do not you ever forget it

high energy suggests brief wave length

low energy suggests long wave length

by the method

photons do not inform god what to do

even in a collider’s smash of stubborn particles

there are leading quarks whose heaviness is constantly as much as possibility

unsteady in a split-second’s decay

leaving all other masses simply wanting to be finished


fuck it

welcome deep space in a single formula

if that rockets your spaceship

do not wait on some fancy-pants boson to do it for you

since we’re simply nearing light-speed’s inkling

in some long-gone neutral-lepton parlor of untapped possible area

filling always-multiplying holes with entropy’s less trendy specter



here’s the essence of it

postulate continuously in the quantized energy of your presence

in the non-zero worth of all that holds true and flummoxing yet never ever incredible

stand firm

we are all just the vast amount of exactly what alone we are frightened to measure


Einstein was a jerk

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