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Is it OK to Kiss on the First Date?

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You and your date just had a great evening. Your date held the door for you, you said something insightful about cryptocurrency, and you both agreed that sunflower seeds do not, under any circumstances, belong in trail mix.

As the date draws to a close, you wonder if your mutual chemistry will manifest in a kiss. But is it too soon?

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The answer to this question has changed with societal norms. In the days of sock hops and poodle skirts, men and women hemmed and hawed over first-date kisses. But no longer.

We live in a world that indulges every brand of indulgence, up to and including KFC Double Down sandwiches. As a result, kissing has become one of the most chaste ways you can end a date, second only to butt-out hugs (THE. WORST).

Nevertheless, there are still plenty of reasons why you might hesitate to play tonsil hockey with a relative stranger. After all, just because you can kiss on a first date without tarnishing your reputation (praise be to progress!) doesn’t mean you must. Even so, here are five reasons for seriously considering a first-date smooth:

1. It might change your opinion of your date…for the better

Maybe Mr. Nice Guy had you yawning over pad thai. Nonetheless, if he makes a move and you’re kind of curious, go in for the kiss. Many a singleton has been surprised to learn that beneath their date’s cool-as-a-cucumber exterior rages a jalapeno-hot lust. You never know until you try.

2. It might change your opinion of your date…for the worse

Conversely, many a singleton has been terrified to learn that their smooth operator of a date is a mouth excavator of a kisser. Nobody wants to end their night with a kiss that feels like car wash, but a first-date smooch can help suss out the good kissers from the gross kissers. Better learn sooner than later.

3. Your saliva is smart

Sorry, you can’t unsee that GIF. But hey! According to Kristina Fiore, in an article for LiveScience, kissing helps us find a mate. “When our faces are close together, our pheromones ‘talk’ — exchanging biological information about whether or not two people will make strong offspring.” Why wait until the second date to find out if you’ll make strong offspring?

4. Practice makes perfect

You can read about kissing techniques for the entirety of your lunch break, but you won’t become a savvy smoocher until you put theory to practice. If you’re not sure whether to lean in for a kiss, put your personal development first and give it a shot.

5. Actual chemistry is rare!

If you’re feeling it, and your date is feeling it…congratulations! It’s like you both swiped right, but with your mouths! These days, we go on so many dates that we can forget what actual chemistry feels like. If it’s there, don’t overthink things. Pucker up and enjoy.

Mwah. 💋

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