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How to Upgrade Your Life by Raising Your Personal Vibrational Frequency

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(Adapted from a post that originally appeared on manifesteveryday.com.)

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Why Do Some People Seem So Lucky In Life?

Have you ever thought about why things just seem to flow so well for some people, but for not others?

We’ve all met people who seem to just have a knack for effortlessly attracting awesome things into their lives.

They have fabulous relationships, great careers where they feel truly fulfilled, their finances are in tip-top condition, they’re in perfect health, people just love being around them and opportunities for new and exciting things just seem to fall into their lap.

They want for nothing and every day seems to be a wonderful day in their world.

If you’re like the majority though, life has its ups and downs. We learn to roll with the punches and take the good with the bad. Your situation might not be that bad, but like most people, you have your occasional worries about money, your future and your health, etc.

You wish you had more time for the people and activities you love and the freedom to spend your life on your terms.

Maybe you’ve even had slight periods of sadness and frustration wondering why you aren’t one of the “lucky people.”

Well, I have good news for you, there’s a lot more than just luck involved when it comes to being truly happy and successful in life.

Awareness, knowledge, perseverance, taking consistent, inspired action, attitude, being motivated…they all play a role.

But in this post, I’m going to talk about personal vibrational frequency and how it plays into all this. Most importantly, I want you to know even YOU can have the kind of life you’ve always wanted with the right information.

Much of it comes down to a phenomenon known as personal vibrational frequency.

“As you think you vibrate. As you vibrate you attract.” Abraham Hicks

The thought that energy and vibrations are able to influence a person’s life is really nothing new. The Chinese, Japanese and Indians have been working with energy for healing, relaxation, increased self-awareness, understanding deeper levels of consciousness, knowledge, joy and love for a very long time.

But most recently, there has been scientific breakthroughs showing each and every person on the planet possesses his or her very own personal energetic frequency. And this energetic frequency establishes the type of situations and events we actually attract into our lives.

Where do you fall on the Scale of Consciousness?

Just as MRI’s and CT scans help doctors visualize the body so they can diagnose medical conditions and injuries, recent scientific breakthroughs allow us to actually measure a person’s energetic frequency on a very specific vibrational scale.

How does the scale actually work?

Back in the 70’s Dr. David Hawkins did extensive studies on our personal vibrational frequencies in relation to kinesiology, or muscle testing. According to Dr. Hawkins’ findings, we, as humans, all live at varying levels of consciousness. The levels can be tested for truth and numerically calibrated through muscle testing on a mathematical scale of 1–1,000.

In Dr. Hawkins’ book, Power vs. Force, he explains the concept that any person calibrating at the level of 200 (the level of integrity) or above is a positive “power” and anything below 200 is a negative “force.” The book is extremely detailed in explaining the methodology and accuracy of the testing so if you’re into that sort of thing, check Power vs. Force.

So if a person is in the range of 700–1,000, they are an Enlightened Master and if someone measures in at the lowest end of the spectrum, 20 or below, they are not thriving at all. The average vibration on Earth is approximately 207.

Not very much, right?

This is because, throughout our lives, we receive negative conditioning that holds us back from the higher vibrations. We actually develop hidden energy blockages that can hold us back from being happier and living our best lives.

As you’ll see from the scale below, emotions like shame, guilt and fear vibrate at very low frequencies while feelings of love, joy, peace and enlightenment vibrate at very high frequencies.

Scale of Consciousness

What Happens at 500 and Above on the Scale of Consciousness?

If we want to drastically change our lives for the better, we should always aim for 500, the vibration of love, or above. Joy, peace and abundance and many other awesome things become possible at 500 and above.

What’s more, a life of struggle seems to fade away and you become a magnet for what you truly desire in life. People who vibrate at the highest levels of consciousness have control over their thoughts, feelings and success.

They have the most truth and awareness and live with the least amount of limitations.

And it doesn’t end there, studies show that your energy doesn’t just affect you, but also those around you. The highest conscious people hold a vortex of love and have the ability to make others vibrate at the level of 500 or above just by being themselves. It’s in their energy field; it’s what they exude.

Just one person who’s vibration is set on the level of 500, has the ability to counter-balance the negative energy of 750 other people. So imagine what a contribution you could make just by being you to your family and friends, neighbors, city, state, country and the planet. Positive energy is highly contagious.

The difference you could make could be fast and far-reaching just by you simply choosing the level of consciousness of 500 or above.

Not sure about all this? Just Google “distance healing,” “Transcendental Meditation” or the “Maharishi Effect.”

The bottom line?

Most people want to feel happier, be more successful and live more joyful, enlightened lives. The aim should be to overcome energy blockages and raise your personal vibrational frequency to 500 or higher.

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