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How To Describe The “Indescribable”

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WhatYou Don’ t Know About Men And Power Tools

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“A man in a shirt writing on printed sheets of paper” by Helloquence on Unsplash

What is it about males and power tools? I might never ever comprehend the appeal. That’s since I never ever owned one or had any desire to own one. I’m very little of a helpful person. I cannot repair a leaking faucet nor can I caulk a restroom. Hammering in a straight nail is a success for me.

Yesterday I purchased among those classy hedge trimmers. For just $100 dollars or two, it looked like a much better offer than working with landscapers. I opened package, connected the parts and included the oil-gasoline mix. Twenty minutes later on I pulled the starter.

Bam Ignition

I got to deal with the weeds and edges. The vibration was so extreme I needed to stop when every minute. Maybe I require a great set of gloves? I kept opting for another fifteen minutes, the last 5 minutes for pure enjoyable. Something is pleasing about a power tool. I have no idea exactly what it is or ways to articulate it.

It’s a sensation of complete satisfaction, achievement and power merged into a particular feeling inexpressible in the English language. I took a seat to blog about this experience searching for the ideal word or expression to describe my sensation. I could not consider anything.

A Feeling You Cannot Describe

Satisfaction, achievement and power merged into one was the most precise description. Without a single word or metaphor to embody that sensation, I can not totally understand or discuss its significance.

Lacking the ideal word to describe how you feel is among the more discouraging parts of the composing procedure. It does not constantly occur however when it does you acknowledge the bounds of your language.

There’s a great deal of intriguing tasks out there to specify feelings which do not have an English language word. These are a few of my favorites.

The dictionary of obscure sorrows.
Foreign words for which there is no translation
Another great resource on the same theme

These tasks are amazing however not always useful. Writers who want to interact these sensations to an audience have to utilize words their audience comprehends. You can discover a word that fits the sensation you indicate to describe, however if no one comprehends the word, it does not have any genuine energy. It just serves to irritate your reader.

TheArt Of Labeling

The finest we can do is to describe the word in as much information as possible. If that meaning is troublesome, designate a label to it. The label ought to make good sense in the context of the sensation you wish to describe.

Here is an example.

I when composed a story about the classic sensation you get when you see, hear or touch a gadget that’s now considered as dated, outdated or charming. If I designated the label, the flip phone result you would comprehend precisely what it implies in the context of that description. You keep in mind those old charming gadgets, right? We when believed they were cool. They lost their status. Now we recall at them with a sense of classic sophistication.

The label flip phone result works as an useful shorthand for that feeling description.

What about my description of the sensation that power tools conjured up? How about power tool stimulation? or power tool aftershock?

It’s Yours To Keep

There are 2 advantages to developing your very own special labels for undefined feelings. The label works as a trigger for the underlying meaning much like other abstract term. For example, you understand exactly what self-confidence implies however you would most likely have a hard time drawing up the real significance. Second, if it sticks, you’ll permanently be associated as its developer.

Labelgasm–The sensation of pride from developing a word accepted into the vernacular.

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