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Errands in ‘This’ America

This is your sixth stop of the day. A store that sells everything to everyone. Everything to everyone and anyone is everyone, but today, you don’t feel like an everyone or an anyone.You feel like a specific one.A red bullseye meets your…

A Pardon for the Privileged

The difference between an accident and an arrest is often decided long before a crime is committedBefore she retired from the force, Liv Abreu jumped out of planes over Afghanistan as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division. At home in…

How to Cope with the End of the World

We All Die, and That’s OkayMy favorite postapocalyptic novel is George R. Stewart’s 1951 Earth Abides. In it, scientist Isherwood Williams (nicknamed Ish) survives a plague and eventually starts a new family and community in the ruins of…

Forecasting the California Governor Primary

The California Governor Primary yesterday, June 5th, drew great interest when John H. Cox finished 2nd, and much more closely than many expected, behind Gavin Newsom. California has been heavily dominated by the Democrat Party for a number…

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