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Beethoven’s Ninth

A viral maths questionThis maths question went viral on Reddit recently:This post in r/funny was quickly cross-posted to r/facepalm with the title ‘Orchestra logic’, and to r/consulting and r/ProgrammingHumor with derogatory titles about…

Unmasking the Hidden Energy of Cities

We're in an unprecedented second in U.S. historical past. It's a time of resurgent racism and inequality, but in addition of newly energized and impressive activism. Accumulating our ideas on how the progressive motion can meet each the…

The Challenge of Doing Hard Things

This story is slightly exaggerated, though not by much. The girl, a high school sophomore in summer school, never made it to the sharpener before she told me that sharpening a pencil was “too much work” and forever changed my worldview…

Rethinking Drones As Autonomous Robotics

The Obvious Reason the Industry Isn’t Rapidly Growing & What’s MissingWe hear it daily — “Launch your drone program!” Uninspired marketing campaigns littered across social media, websites and emails. A detrimental circle of brands…

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