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As a young man, he fled the squalor of Dublin and traveled penniless to Trieste, where he lived in obscurity as an exile. By day he taught at the Berlitz Language School, but his true vocation was literature, and he dedicated his life to…

What Is Loitering, Really?

America’s laws against lingering have roots in Medieval and Elizabethan England. Since 1342, the goal has always been to keep anyone “out of place” away.By Ariel Aberg-RigerEditor’s note: A series of racially charged incidents of…

Reflections On A Visit To Belgium

In April, I visited Belgium for a weekend, flying from Manchester to Charleroi. Once I had landed, I caught the shuttle bus to Brussels and then walked to my hostel not too far from the central railway station.I had come to Belgium with the…

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