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An Open Letter to My Father

It was late in the evening. You had your hands on the back of mom’s wheelchair, with her tipped carefully backwards off of the front wheels. I had a small arm entwined around the neck of my uncle, who held me.“Take her away from here! Get…

Happy Father’s Day after Divorce

How do you co-parent when you are no longer a family?Happy Father’s Day to my daughters’ great dad and all the dads around the world. Given that over 50% of marriages end in divorce, one of the most important things we can do as mothers and…

Maybe I’m Flying to You

As the shock fades, an overwhelming wave of emotion swallows me and I’m not sure how to react. A need to cry sweeps over me so I try to breathe, swallowing back the tears.My mind says I shouldn’t, but the impulse to run to the gallery…

My Youth Pal Conserved My Life

I informed him I didn't wish to stroll on the edge since it was difficult to see where the lawn ended and the water started. We invested the day constructing our tree home in the woods behind our apartment building. The lawn was so long…

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