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The Line Between Unhappiness and Depression

And How I Learned All About ItPhoto by Alex Iby on UnsplashMy parents got divorced when I was two. I never remember them together. I look at the photos, but it doesn’t even look right to me. Because I never saw them together.When I was ten,…

One Week After Working in an ED Psych Ward

Photo by Marcelo Leal on UnsplashAfter the first two nights, the yelling and threats began to wear off. Instead of cringing behind the glass window to make myself disappear, I began to look up. There was one person I’ll never forget. He had…

Please Stop This Atrocity

I confess's likewise an individual demand My tattoo has 5 maple leaves. One for each of my bros and my sis. I got it on the 1 year anniversary of my bro's suicide. (Sorry about the sock marks, I was generally never ever going to lack them…

My Secret Weapon? Pet Remedy.

Anybody that is aware of me is aware of I really like my pets, I presently have a cat and two canines. I really feel like everybody who’s a pet proprietor loves there animals however I really feel like I simply love mine extra. Though I’m…

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