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It was raining in the data center

(First given as a talk at eyeo 2018, under the title Fragment Ecology for Online Space)It was raining in the data center —Prineville, Oregon, 2011 —In August of 2011, Jay Parikh, the Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at Facebook…

The Secret Science of Airports

Technologies are embedded in every aspect of airport life. I got to see some of them up closeBy Laurie WinklessI fly out of New Zealand’s Wellington Airport pretty regularly, but last week, the airport itself was my destination. I’d been…

The Future of Apple

The mood at WWDC is getting worse each year, as the feverish pitch of deception is starting to make Apple look vulnerable.I wasn’t really enthused this year about WWDC, so much so I wasn’t going to even write about it. It’s not that Apple…

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