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The curious case of Typhoid Mary

A look into the medical oddity of Mary “Typhoid” Mallon.Typhoid Mary cooking with skulls.The current state of medical science luckily leaves little unexplained compared to the limited understanding of disease, bacteria and infection that…

The Nature of Thought Experiments

Is the cat both alive and dead at the same time until we observe it?Thought experiments have been an essential tool for many of history’s greatest minds. It is when we tackle a situation with our imagination alone.Science, philosophy, the…

Suppose, Rethink and Dethink

Lots of people typically say that physics work on assumptions. So, I considered doing a google search and that is what got here up apparently, assumption means “a factor that's accepted as true or as sure to occur with out proof”. So within…

This Anti-Salt Narrative Needs a Shakeup

First of all: It’s not even clear that the average American consumes too much sodiumBy Faye FlamWhen it comes to public health in the developed world, the perfect can be the enemy of the good.The American Heart Association urges every…

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