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The Fifth Revolution

I want to tell you a story about the future of human progress. By way of a little examination of its past. Of a series of revolutions — hidden ones — spanning centuries. Which answer the question: “Where are we going, in these troubled and…

The Random Ticket Game

Here’s a little game.Pick a random in-progress “ticket” (card, story, task, etc.) in/on your tool of choice (e.g. physical board, Jira, Clubhouse etc.). Make sure it has no parent…it isn’t an “epic” for example. Now, attempt to connect that…

11 traits of unforgettable leaders

Are you the best manager you could be?In the last 10 years I have had many managers, some very bad, some quite good, and some truly exceptional. Even though we instinctively know which ones were exceptional, we rarely know *exactly* makes…

Chinese Innovation is on the Rise

We have to admit that Silicon Valley’s decline corresponds to China’s rise in innovation prowess.China has a “bad dog” robot that’s shocking China’s youth out of their loneliness. On WeChat, the dominant app in China you can get divorced,…

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