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Business Lessons From Peter Thiel

Build a MonopolyThiel argues that the most successful tech companies are monopolies in disguise. He commonly uses Google as an example of this. Google monopolizes search, but they tout themselves as a tech company in fierce competition with…

Drawing a line in the sand.

When it comes to work, you need to draw a line in the sand.You need to have the courage to say, you can have this, this and this but you can’t under any circumstances have anything behind this line.The individual that doesn’t know when…

My Thoughts On Enterprising

In my participation of the business world, it is evident that while money does not buy happiness it does aid in the reduction of financial stress. Such a reduction in stress, as reported by a study conducted by the Urban Institute and…

Of Visionaries And Charlatans

Daily Blog #67There is a wall, in a startup space I’ve frequented, with a quote written on it. The words of a man named Napoleon Hill, and startup founders walk past it and take on its wisdom, every day. Just a few short words, to carry and…

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