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How To Become a Successful Blogger

It takes more than just good writingPhoto by Mikayla Mallek on UnsplashI’ve been a writer for a very long time. I have no formal training. I’ve learned only by writing and reading with the eyes of a writer. But I’ve only been blogging for a…

Machinima & The Sims 2: A Love Story

Do your fondest preteen memories involve sitting at a computer?From 2005 to 2007, I used The Sims 2 and Youtube to sustain a brief career as a creator of “machinima”. Machinima is the use of computer and video games to create computer…

The Right Amount Of Thinking

Perspective is everythingI’m not sure what I think about kids, but periodically I ask my partner how he feels. Most times he says he “could go either way,” but last time I asked, he answered, “sure, I want kids — but like, when I’m 45.”My…

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