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We’re Practically Engaged

Yeah, I think it’ll happen any day now.come to me, my pretty…From the time we met, I knew he was the one. How’d we meet? Wait, you haven’t heard the story? It’s pretty classic. I stepped onto the train. He was standing directly across from…

Love Lessons From 80’s Teen Movies

The 80’s are responsible for so much: acid washed jeans, feathered hair, cocaine shortages. Beyond the bad clothes, questionable hair, and the turbulent times of the Cola Wars, there lie a creamy center of delicious 80’s teen movies. 80’s…

I’d Be Thrilled to Officiate Your Wedding

Whether you want me to or *not*ME, SO ECSTATIC FOR YOU!!!Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to watch me officiate my best friend’s wedding.Can everybody hear me okay? Is the mic loud enough? Good. I became ordained online yesterday…

The Grand War

The San Sebastian Chronicles, Part IIIJust then, we — that is, the American volunteer Johnny, and I, a humble and dutiful Hauptsergente in the army of San Sebastian, Die Gran Königliches Esercito des San Sebastian — were interrupted by…

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