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My Father, Star Trek, and Me

I don’t bear in mind a time earlier than Star Trek, solely all that got here after.Lengthy earlier than I may spell the names of every of the planets within the photo voltaic system or understood what a light-year was, I knew concerning the…

Why Bisexuality Is So Hard to Write About

This is where writing about bisexuality becomes harder than simply living it. Being bi doesn’t require you to do anything in particular. A bisexual person can live a monogamous life with an opposite-sex (or same-sex) partner and, if they…

The McDonaldization of Superb Stores

Photo by Hanson Lu on UnsplashThe store originated in Sparks, Nevada, in 1986. For those of us who live in Denver, the warehouse, which was housed in a huge facility in Cheyenne, Wyoming, presented a decadent day’s drive and time to spend…

Leading with Compassion

My reflections on culture, management, and empowerment." Culture consumes method for lunch" I'm a huge fan of the " High Resolution" style management interview series. Unlike many other designer interviews that just concentrate on tools…

How Not to Browse Gaslighting at Work

picture by: Jason Osewll on Unsplash While I value the optics on " gaslighting" and "narcissists," this center of mass and a line of vision, topically, has actually ended up being beset by a myriad of fashionistas within the New Age…

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